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05 December 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Hallo Kameraden, please excuse the OT but in case you haven´t heard yet, please check this:

Six Apart has sold Livejournal to SUP, a pro-Putin Russian media company
More about the possible consequences.

That´s the million rouble question. Read lj_staff´s brand new statement about their intention to watch the "taste and decency" standards, among others, and taking into account "religious concerns". Bottom line: any information you posted or post here is now in the hands of an openly pro-Kremlin company; you can or cannot believe that the privacy safeguards and guarantees which applied to the old Lj TOS when you signed up are still valid. For my part, I´d rather be trusting a rabid Siberian bear on the loose.

What is certainly fact is that users of paid accounts are unwittingly paying for, and thus endorsing, the Putin policies via his SUP minion, meaning: aggressive renewal of the armament race (you´ve heard about Putin unilaterally withdrawing just a few days ago from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, which is the most important binding arms control tool in Europe, Russia, the US and Canada, haven´t you?), further curtailing speech (heard of Kasparov´s arrest?), press (Anna Politkóvskaya, anyone?) and entrepreneurial freedom (Khodorkovsky, anyone?) as well as political transparency (Litvinenko, anyone?).

Also, my own journal (X-rated two days ago for no reason, as there´s absolutely no profanity or explicitness there, either in public or in friends-only entries) might be suddenly deemed as contrary to this new "taste and decency" politik due to its mildly conservative, openly germanophile and sovietphobic views, but that is nothing compared to the targeting that even more outspoken and freethinking Lj users might expect, if SUV treats Lj as it has its own media after it took over them.

I´m just saying. Sorry for the OT interruption!
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Resident anarchist bat: MvRmax_und_moritz on December 7th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
That´s right; and also that any bank data (like your credit card info) you ever submitted to Livejournal to buy an account or even a virtual gift, is now in the hands of this company which operates barely this side of legal.

I´m already moving elsewhere and will just keep Lj for occasional RSS feeds - and to keep up with those who stick to Lj regardless...