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11 January 2010 @ 10:40 pm
Spiegel-Online images/video  
I'm glad to find that there's an online outlet for my enthusiasm (and I hope you'll put up with my layman's - or laywoman's - knowledge for the moment). I hope these aren't repeats: as an advertisement for a new MvR biography Spiegel-Online posted some photos and a video clip of Manfred. Of the 16 images and 1 video, two are to do with that awful 1971 film, two are biography advertising, but happily for us the rest are actual fact. Judging by #13, this was the first research point for the 2007 film as well. (Der Jagdflieger Manfred von Richthofen mit der Krankenschwester Käte Otersdorf. Es gab Gerüchte, die beiden seien ein Paar.. Bah.)

The end of a legend - the birth of a myth
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machiavelli_imp on January 12th, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
I can just imagine a jackbooted SA-man taking refuge behind his camera lens whenever that stare was directed at him. Even baby Manfred has it! I did a double-take when looking at the best baby photo ever shot ever because he looks so feminine. Despite countless incidents of people shoving photos of their vomiting, dribbling little offspring at me, that one made me go "AWWW...isn't it sweet!" as well.

Is there any chance of recovering your photobucket images? All I see is the "account inactive" image while the captions taunt me...
(Deleted comment)
machiavelli_imp on January 13th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
Why am I suddenly imagining the Kaiser raising money with a "Guess the Jasta 11 baby photo!" competition?

Most of the images on the community are visible: if it's a non-trivial exercise to restore the missing few then lediablerouge shouldn't waste her time for one person (unless she doesn't mind).

Aha, that explains why none of the images on your journal were showing up. I considered using photobucket but switched to mynetimages instead, who seem perfectly sensible about WWI and II images, whether the men involved are wearing Party insignia or very little at all. (The only downside is the conversion to .jpg, as I'd rather avoid lossy images.) Removing a photo of your family is rude and tacky, but I suppose they can't tell you're related. I wish I had more evidence of the skeletons in my family closet than a bent Party badge.
CKlediablerouge on January 12th, 2010 07:47 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting this link! There were a couple of photos I hadn't seen before :)

And it goes without saying there were rumours about Manfred and Käte - he was a celebrity! Just think of all the celebrity rumours now, and how many of them are based on the truth.

I bought that book by Joachim Castan when I was in Germany this time last year. Have you read it?

Oh, and I just saw the Red Baron movie in English. It made me cringe. I much prefer the German version! Plus, they cut parts out! -_-
machiavelli_imp on January 14th, 2010 11:19 am (UTC)
It's impossible to have too many photos of German flying aces. :)

I haven't read Castan's book: I haven't been able to find it in Australia. There are several books that feature Manfred but have a greater scope, but no biographies (or copies of "Der Rote Kampfflieger" in English or German) in any of the bookshops in which I've looked. Next time I'm in Germany I suspect I will have to go on a book-buying binge. Would you recommend Castan's biography or do you prefer another?

I will have to find the German version of the film: considering that it's impossible to produce a film that glorifies war or even casts a good light on German war heroes, I was pleasantly surprised at how much they developed the Jasta 11 characters (except for distorting Lothar into the clichéd jealous sibling role). On the other hand, the focus on Kate and Roy Brown instead of Manfred himself was annoying and puzzled me. Which parts did they cut out?