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11 January 2010 @ 10:40 pm
I'm glad to find that there's an online outlet for my enthusiasm (and I hope you'll put up with my layman's - or laywoman's - knowledge for the moment). I hope these aren't repeats: as an advertisement for a new MvR biography Spiegel-Online posted some photos and a video clip of Manfred. Of the 16 images and 1 video, two are to do with that awful 1971 film, two are biography advertising, but happily for us the rest are actual fact. Judging by #13, this was the first research point for the 2007 film as well. (Der Jagdflieger Manfred von Richthofen mit der Krankenschwester Käte Otersdorf. Es gab Gerüchte, die beiden seien ein Paar.. Bah.)

The end of a legend - the birth of a myth